2018: Our Best Year Yet | Maryland Wedding Coordinator

Who knew that having a baby during peak wedding season would still get us our best year ever? We met our goal early in the year, started booking for this year much earlier than we ever had, and we have been blessed with some of the most amazing clients.

2018 was full of meetings with the sweetest clients where we left feeling incredibly thankful for the couples that have faith in us. I truly think this will be a year I look back on forever, no matter how many couples we work with in the future. It was a learning year with a variety of styles, colors. etc., a wide array of different vendors and more.

It's hard to summarize all of the feelings we have for the several wedding weekends, beautiful sparkler send-offs and most importantly, couples that have shared the first day of their new adventure with us. Take a look back at some of the special days we were involved in throughout 2018 and follow along for the next few months as we work to recap each wedding (plus a few more that aren’t pictured!)!

Thank you to the amazing photographers we worked with in 2018 for sharing photographs with us! We truly couldn't have had such a wonderful year without you!

photos by  Rachel Smith Photography  - see more from this wedding on the Enchanting blog!

photos by Rachel Smith Photography - see more from this wedding on the Enchanting blog!

photos by  Captured by Alyssa

We can’t wait to share more from each of these weddings, plus several others! Stay tuned, 2019, we are READY FOR IT!

The Baltimore Basilica & The Belvedere Spring Wedding | Maryland Wedding Coordinator

When it comes to gorgeous architecture and history, the Basilica and The Belvedere have you covered. We love these two locations so much and were honored to work there so often in 2018. We loved the design and details the couple paired with all of their fun locations throughout the day.

Starting at Hotel Monaco, the gals and guys got ready and prepared for the first look to take place on the classic steps within the hotel. Talk about a dream location! After the first look, the couple, bridal party and families were off to Johns Hopkins University, which was a special place for everyone.

The ceremony took place at the Baltimore Basilica which was the perfect church for this beautiful and traditional ceremony. After a heartfelt ceremony, the party kicked off at The Belvedere. We can't express how much we LOVE this venue! It's the perfect Baltimore location with a stunning view from each window, beautiful details throughout every room and floor, and an amazing ballroom with the perfect size dance floor.

Enjoy these photos from K & A's wedding day &

be sure to check out their other wonderful vendors!

Photography: Rachel Smith Photography | Venue: Belvedere & Co | Ceremony Venue: Baltimore Basilica | Flowers: Wicked Willow Florist | Baker: Sugarbakers | Videography: In Motion Video | Band: Bachelor Boys Band | Hair & Makeup: Bella of Canton | Wedding Coordinator: Enchanting Events and Design


4 Tips for Getting Ready on your Wedding Day {For Brides & Grooms!}

The first portion of your wedding day is something to be cherished. Spending quality time with some of the most important people in your life, sharing fun stories, and soaking in those last few hours becoming a wife or a husband. That time is likely the only time in your life that you will be in a room with those specific people all at once. Whether you have your best friend from elementary school, your college roomie, your sister or cousin, whoever is within that group, you love them hard.


In order to reflect back on those moments, you will likely have photos from this start of the wedding day. Oftentimes, once the photographer and videographer start shooting around this time, the rest of the day flies by. Make sure you have everything prepared before they arrive in order to keep things casual and fun, but also a perfect start to the theme and photos of the day.

Main Attire. First things first, what will you and your besties be wearing? A classic for the girls is a robe and guys almost always have coordinating socks. Our suggestion, mix it up a little! We love the idea of pajama sets for the girls and fun shirts for the guys. Anything that looks good together would work well, here are some additional ideas:

  • Matching t-shirts works for guys and girls (keep in mind they should have a wide-neck to keep the girls hair intact)

  • Button-up shirts. Don’t limit this to a white button up with a monogram (though my preppy-loving heart does love those as well) What about a flannel?

  • Rompers, I love these from Plum Pretty Sugar

  • Funny tank tops. The ones with “After this, we’re getting tacos” or something similar are great. Each person can have something related to their personality

Envision the whole picture. What should everyone have on their legs and feet? If you’re supplying something like a tank or robe, legs will be showing. Make sure everyone is informed of what pants they should wear (black leggings are always a great option for girls and black basketball shorts for the guys) as well as what they should have on their feet. Shoes, socks, bare feet? As long as everyone has some sort of direction, you are good to go!


The details. Depending on what everyone will be wearing, ensure they look presentable from the start by keeping everything ironed. Whatever the attire, whether provided by the couple or not, it should be something new and in good shape, aka no stains, huge wrinkles, etc.

The setting. Keep it clean! Think about the locations around the getting ready space that have the most light and ensure that area stays clear of clutter, food, drinks, etc. Your photographer will be grateful to have a clean area to work with. Keep in mind how many people you have getting ready with you as well, the space near the best light should have enough room to fit everyone.

Post photos by Anne Casey Photography and Chesapeake Charm Photography