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Personalize Your Wedding: Escort Cards & Place Cards (And The Difference Between The Two!)

This week in the personalize your wedding series we are talking about escort cards and place cards. Before we get into how you can personalize these, let’s go over the difference between the two. Are you thinking “wait, there is a difference?” you are definitely in the majority. Most people don’t realize they are separate things and serve different purposes. There are a few reasons you should have both, and also reasons where you don’t need one of them. 



Place cards are for the table setting. These are generally found on or around the seat where the guest should be sitting. Place cards are a way to indicate the meal a person should receive, and/or where they should be sitting. 

Escort cards are most often found all together on an escort table or in an escort area. They are used to guide each guest to their table. 

A few occasions when you should have both:

- If you have a large guest count it’s nice to make sure couples will be sitting directly next to each other. Sometimes a few people will sit down at a table and not pay attention to the single chairs on either side. This can be avoided by having both types of cards. 

- Plated meal with more than one meal option. Did you have guests select which meal they would like to have? This is when that will come into play. Place cards will help the servers know who ordered which specific meal. 

When is it okay to just have one? Which one should you have?

I always recommend having escort cards. Even with a small number of guests it helps the reception stay organized and be ready quickly. When there isn’t a seating chart you may end up with chairs moved around, some guests not comfortable with where they need to sit, or even running out of space. By creating a seating chart beforehand and then creating escort cards you are saving yourself, your vendors and your guests the trouble of doing the guess work. 

Now lets get to the fun part…how to show off your personality with either option. 

Escort cards and seating cards can really add to your wedding day theme and be a reflection of your personality. Pinterest has endless ideas, (check out our escort & place card board here!) but try thinking outside of the box a little bit.

Is there something small that has been a symbol of your relationship? 

Did you meet in Georgia? What about having a calligrapher write on peaches? We once used oranges with calligraphy and it was adorable!

Do the both of you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee? A mini jar with coffee grounds and a calligraphy tag with a table number is a sweet idea. 

For the nautical hearts like ours, we love including beachy details. Beach glass place cards, or oyster shell escort cards. There are so many options when it comes to nautical themes. 

Some other fun ideas are candles with personalized labels for a romantic wedding, a small herb with a wooden stick as the table number for a couple that loves to garden together, or even back to simple and have a calligrapher write your escort cards in colors to match your wedding. 

Did you know the difference between escort and place cards? Which of these ideas is your favorite? 

5 Things To Make Sure You Have On Your Wedding Day

Planning for your wedding day is a long process, but something that gets forgotten about fairly often is the actual wedding morning. The time you are spending with your girls getting ready, drinking champagne, having your makeup done among several other things. These few hours are so special and it's worth it to spend some extra time the week before to make sure you can fully enjoy everything from start to finish. 

Getting these few details together will save you time on the wedding day or heartache when you get your photos back only to realize you didn't have the smaller items that you worked hard, on all together for your photographer. 

Keep track of the following few things as you plan, to save yourself even more time when you go to get them together. 

BOTH Rings: The beginning of the day is the best time for your photographer to get detail photos with your rings in them. 

Vow Books: This is another detail that will be nice to have photos of before hand. You can get photos holding them, with your bouquet, your rings, etc. 

"The Somethings": You know the something old, new, borrowed and blue? Wouldn't it be great to have a photo of all of these items together?

Bridal Details: We recently posted about the bridal details to make sure you have, and now is he perfect time to make sure you have everything together. Keep all of your jewelry, your shoes, garter, and even your getting ready outfit all in one place for the photographer and also for you to know exactly where everything is that you will be wearing on the big day. 

Bubbly: Sipping champagne with your favorite gals is a wonderful way to spend the morning, if this is something that is important to you, don't forget to bring it along. Some venues will provide this while you are getting ready, just check into this detail first. 

These items are special to your wedding and can be easily overlooked as you are getting closer to your wedding day. If you want to focus on the simple things and leave the stress to someone else, send us a message! We would love to help you figure out the details in order to get the most of your wedding experience.