Wedding Must Haves

Gift Guide For Your Newly Engaged Friends

Engagement season is once again upon us and with that comes engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. If you are one to enjoy spoiling your friends and giving them a gift they will love, we want to make it easier for you. We're far past the days of towels, ironing boards and cutlery (though those are still great, too!) and into the age of "Wifey" shirts and custom glassware. 


While some trends will never fade, because they are awesome, new ones have arrived and your engaged friends are going to thank you forever when they see the cutest gift from you. 


1- Cute Phone Case. Because people change their phone cases every few months anyways, why not get them one that matches their season of life? We love this one from Love From Lucy  on Etsy.  

2- Getting Ready Outfit. I couldn't choose between these two options, a white sleek bridal robe  is a classic, it's comfy and you can wear it again. Sincerely Sofi Designs is great for bridal robes and for the entire bridal party! 

shirts via Goats and Shirts on Etsy

shirts via Goats and Shirts on Etsy

On the other hand, I love these fun shirts. You can get them customized to say anything, I would pick "after this we are getting fries" or fried pickles ;)  

3- Wedding Planner. Every bride needs a fun paper wedding planner to take with her to meetings, and this Southern Weddings option is by far my favorite! 

4- Pretty Hanger. This is so important for the wedding day. I've mentioned it several times before, you spend so much money on your beautiful dress, why leave it on a plastic hanger? Give your bestie this beautiful gift so she doesn't have to worry about it! 

5- The Mrs Box. While these small velvet boxes are a bit expensive, they make detail shots! Once you know the colors of your friends wedding, this would make a beautiful gift! You can even have it monogrammed. 

Do you have any gift ideas to add? Hopefully this list helps! 

9 Bridal Details To Think About

With all of the thought that goes into saying yes to the dress, there are a few other bridal details that help to pull everything together. From the very start of the getting ready process to the end of the reception, make sure you think about purchasing something special in each of these categories. 


Engagement ring and wedding band are the obvious additions to your wedding day look. It's a great idea to have your ring cleaned right before your wedding day. It's a highlight of the day! The photographer and videographer will be getting close ups, people will asked to see it as your chat with them, and it's always nice to see some extra sparkle. Think about investing or renting a beautiful ring box to go along with it. The Mrs Box offers ring boxes to match any color, and rental places will have options for small trinket boxes. 

Veil and Hair Accessories. Let’s start from the top. A veil isn’t a “must-have” anymore, but if you want one make sure you think about it ahead of time- ideally when you are purchasing your dress so are able to ensure the colors match. A slightly more ivory veil could make a white wedding dress look yellow, or vice-versa. If you aren’t going along the route of a veil, what hair accessories would you like to add? Maybe a sparkly clip or beaded design to match the details of your dress? The options are endless. 

Jewelry. Will you be wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelet? While these are a great way to include your “somethings” just try and think about a plan ahead of time. What styles coordinate with your dress? Will you be adding a pop of color, or keeping things simply with gold or silver? 


Purse or Clutch. There are a few things a bride may want to keep nearby throughout her wedding day- lipstick to touchup, a few extra bobby pins (though we make sure to have plenty on hand if any hair goes astray- and believe me we have fixed plenty hairdos after the dancing has begun!) It’s best to make sure these items match your wedding day attire, and they can also be a great photo prop!

Garter. Will you be taking part in a bouquet and garter toss? Maybe you just want something else that can add to your wedding day look? Garters are a beautiful way to incorporate something special, and add a feminine touch. We love the options from The Garter Girl and she even makes them custom! 


Shoes. You knew this one was coming. What shoes will lead you down the aisle on your wedding day? How will they coordinate with the colors and look of your wedding all together? We suggest having a pair of stunning heels to wear for photos and ceremony, and then changing into something more comfortable like wedges to keep you dancing pain free. Keep in mind that your dress will be altered to fit with the shoes you will wear for the ceremony, so your second pair of shoes should be a similar height. 

Undergarments. This is less about what it looks like but how you feel in it. You will want to decide what style undergarments you will need- strapless bra, cute undies, etc. Pick something out that makes you feel beautiful and isn’t visible under your dress, but still does the job. This also includes a petticoat or bustier if needed. 

Now that you have these bridal details thought about ahead of time, keep them all together and ready for when the big day arrives. Do you suggest anything else for the bridal look? 

all photos by Candace Nicole Photography