Meet An Enchanting Couple

Meet An Enchanting Couple: Cayla & Connor

We’re so excited for Connor & Cayla to tie the knot this weekend! When we had our first consultation in Panera, I knew they would be the perfect addition to the 2018 Enchanting Couple family. 1- They are getting married at Main Street Ballroom, where we happened to have weddings the two weekends leading up to their wedding and 2- They were all about having a great time with their friends and family to celebrate becoming HUSBAND AND WIFE!! You’ll notice how accurate #2 is by their answers below.


We can’t wait to send Cayla down the aisle this weekend at Patapsco Female Institute and hope you will keep up with our behind the scenes over on Instagram. We will be working with some great vendors:

Wedding Coordinator: Enchanting Events and Design | Photographer: Captured by Alyssa (also the photographer of the 2 engagement photos in this post! | Venue: Main Street Ballroom |

DJ: District Remix | Florist: Scentsational Florals | Catering: Absolutely Perfect Catering Transportation: Extraordinar Limo | Rentals: Something Vintage | Photo Booth: Pixilated


How did you meet and how did he pop the question?

Connor and I met at Towson our freshman year. We lived two doors away from each other in the dorms.

Connor surprised me with a night at a bed and breakfast called Inn at Horn Point in Annapolis. We walked back from dinner and went down to a private little beach and were talking when he pulled the ring out and asked.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Marrying my best friend and celebrating our love with our friends and famil


Are you taking a honeymoon? Where will you be going?

Connor and I have never been outside the country except to the Bahamas. We are taking our first big adventure as a married couple and going to Italy for two weeks after the wedding

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

It's very stressful planning a wedding so make sure you BREATHE! Take time away from wedding planning-don't let it consume you. Everything will totally be worth it though on your wedding day.

See more from their engagement session with Captured by Alyssa here on her blog!

The countdown is on!

Meet An Enchanting Couple: Shannon & Stephen

I had my first conversation with Shannon & Stephen last year and we had a laughter filled conversation about being organized, design and all things wedding. Shannon has the most bubbly personality and I knew instantly that it would be an honor to be the wedding planner for her and Stephen's wedding. 

These two are so sweet and I have enjoyed every part of this planning process with them. A few weeks after we started working together, Shannon told me that she noticed I used Trello and asked if we could use it for planning...YES! A girl right after my own organizational, detail-oriented, heart. Really though, Trello has made this planning thing a breeze between the two of us...but more on that in another post ;) 

If I could replicate the coolest "bride-chilla" it would be Shannon and Stephen has the cool groom thing down. I can't wait for you to meet these two! 

A special thank you to Nichole Meredith Photography for sending these engagement photos right after the session. CAN NOT WAIT to work together <3 



How did you meet?
Stephen and I met online, but at the time it was kind of taboo to say so! So for years we said our parents were family friends to anyone who wasn't close to us until the modern age of internet dating became less odd.

How did the proposal take place?
Well... It's kind of an embarrassing story for me (shannon). We had taken a day trip to NYC and the weather was so nice that we decided to visit Central Park Zoo. We had timed it perfectly. We could see the whole zoo and end the day with a seal show. After taking a quick water break, I was making my way back to the "stage" where Stephen kept mumbling about how much he liked our day trip, how we could "do things like this forever", and how spending time with me was everything he ever wanted. At this point, I gave him a pointed look and basically brushed him off, eager to make it to the show. Essentially I patted him on the head with a "That's sweet. Not now, 'kay? I wanna see the seal show!" And kept walking. It wasn't until he threw himself in front of me and got on one knee that I even had an inkling as to what he was doing. There was a lot of ugly crying and he bought me a stuffed seal and promised we could watch the show next time. I'm still mortified, but he loves telling the story.



What was your favorite part of wedding planning?
I am kind of 50/50 on everything. I seriously bemoaned huge hunks of the wedding while simultaneously being really excited about things like flowers, invitations, and the food tasting. The most fun I've had, though, is probably the invites since I had the most hands on time with them. Designing, assembling, and doing the calligraphy.

What are your wedding colors or theme? What was your inspiration?
Purples and Golds! We stumbled into "booze & books." Because all of the themes and ideas Stephen and I leaned towards came back around for out love of books and a great glass of wine or liquor. So it's all about romantic and cozy and a lot of literary references. 



What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?
Family. I haven't seen a lot of the people who are coming in a very long time! Korea. United Kingdom. Australia. West Coast. People are coming from all over and I find that we're really fortunate to have so many people who love us enough to come.

Are you taking a honeymoon? Where will you be going?
We'll be taking a mini-moon after the wedding to the Northeast and maybe Canada. Bed and Breakfasts, scenic drives, and historic sites!

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?
Breath. Make lists. Trust your planner. There are going to be times when you feel like you have all the time in the world and some days when it feels like nothing will be done in time. Stick to your lists, schedule, and prioritize what's really important to you, everything else is just extra!

We can't wait for these two to tie the knot next week! Stay tuned for a stunner! 

Meet An Enchanting Couple: Lauren & Ryan

The fact that I am writing this post seems crazy to me- I have been working with Lauren and Ryan for 17 months to plan their dream wedding and it is almost here. We have had so much fun planning, hearing stories of their relationship, and learning about their families. While I love seeing everything come together, I am really going to miss these two and their parents! From our first meeting until our last one where we talked about some final details over margaritas (a trend for almost all of our meetings) I feel like I have known them for so much longer. I can guarantee the tears will be flowing on June 17th, and likely at their rehearsal as well! It is going to be a beautiful day and I am excited to introduce you to them! 



How did you meet?

We met in High School – I was a freshman & Ryan was a sophomore. As Ryan tells the story, he saw me in the hallway one day & said "that's going to be my next girlfriend." Little did he know I would be his last!

How did Ryan propose?

IN DISNEY WORLD! It was all of my dreams come true. We went for a long weekend and a few days into the trip we had a really nice dinner planned at Narcoosee's, a Disney signature restaurant at the Grand Floridian. Our table for dinner overlooked Magic Kingdom & the castle, and we went outside to watch the fireworks over the water. The next thing I knew, I saw someone bringing out a pillow made of roses with a glass slipper with a ring, and a tiara. I knew exactly what it was and thought oh my gosh, who is the lucky girl?! They stopped behind Ryan, and he crowned me before getting down on one knee and proposing under the fireworks!


What was your favorite part of wedding planning? 

Working with Macy! Every time we would get stressed out about little things, we would meet with her & she would completely put us to ease (and have a great time doing it!). Also all of the wine-tastings involved with the process was definitely a plus.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

I'm excited for the whole day after all of the planning that has gone into it and see everything we've worked on for so long come to life, but I'm most excited to finally marry my best friend :)

Where are you honeymooning? 

We are headed to Jamaica for a week, and will then be meeting family and friends in Mexico for a second week!

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

Try not to stress about all of the little things, because in the end it will all come together. Enjoy the planning process together!

Aren't these two adorable?! Follow along on June 17th to see their big day! 

Professional photos by Leah Adkins Photography