Meet An Enchanting Couple: Lauren & Ryan

The fact that I am writing this post seems crazy to me- I have been working with Lauren and Ryan for 17 months to plan their dream wedding and it is almost here. We have had so much fun planning, hearing stories of their relationship, and learning about their families. While I love seeing everything come together, I am really going to miss these two and their parents! From our first meeting until our last one where we talked about some final details over margaritas (a trend for almost all of our meetings) I feel like I have known them for so much longer. I can guarantee the tears will be flowing on June 17th, and likely at their rehearsal as well! It is going to be a beautiful day and I am excited to introduce you to them! 



How did you meet?

We met in High School – I was a freshman & Ryan was a sophomore. As Ryan tells the story, he saw me in the hallway one day & said "that's going to be my next girlfriend." Little did he know I would be his last!

How did Ryan propose?

IN DISNEY WORLD! It was all of my dreams come true. We went for a long weekend and a few days into the trip we had a really nice dinner planned at Narcoosee's, a Disney signature restaurant at the Grand Floridian. Our table for dinner overlooked Magic Kingdom & the castle, and we went outside to watch the fireworks over the water. The next thing I knew, I saw someone bringing out a pillow made of roses with a glass slipper with a ring, and a tiara. I knew exactly what it was and thought oh my gosh, who is the lucky girl?! They stopped behind Ryan, and he crowned me before getting down on one knee and proposing under the fireworks!


What was your favorite part of wedding planning? 

Working with Macy! Every time we would get stressed out about little things, we would meet with her & she would completely put us to ease (and have a great time doing it!). Also all of the wine-tastings involved with the process was definitely a plus.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

I'm excited for the whole day after all of the planning that has gone into it and see everything we've worked on for so long come to life, but I'm most excited to finally marry my best friend :)

Where are you honeymooning? 

We are headed to Jamaica for a week, and will then be meeting family and friends in Mexico for a second week!

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

Try not to stress about all of the little things, because in the end it will all come together. Enjoy the planning process together!

Aren't these two adorable?! Follow along on June 17th to see their big day! 

Professional photos by Leah Adkins Photography