Why You Should Have A Headshot Session (And A Peek At Ours!)

A few months ago we spent an evening with Anne from Anne Casey Photography to get some updated headshot's. This is something easy to forget, push to the bottom of the to-do list, or even ignore all together. Since we had these photos taken, I have truly realized how important it is to have updated photos taken of yourself in order to represent your business. 


For us it had been over 3 years since we had photos taken for our website. In fact, we had the photos taken when Enchanting Events and Design was simply an idea. We figured if we were going to make this happen the first thing we needed was photos to represent the 'who' behind the business. So why did that thought get ignored after we changed our brand, vision and ideas of our company? Thankfully Anne came to the rescue, and we were even able to get some photos with Emily, my sister and amazing wedding day assistant. 

So why exactly are these photos important? 
1- YOU are the face of your business, don't be afraid to show it off! This also means the pictures are a direct representation of your brand. 
2- They show personality. At first, it might be difficult to be yourself info front of the camera, but once you get used to it- let your personality shine through. Don't resort to the fake laugh when you could be enjoying yourself for real. 
3- Networking is easier. If you attend a networking event and nobody knows what you look like, it's a little more difficult to meet people you are excited to see. Once they have the connection of your business and yourself, there is instantly something to talk about because they can recall your brand. 


I encourage you to find a local photographer, have your hair done, and make a good first impression from the instant someone lands on your website! 

Welcome To The New Enchanting Events!

Well hello there...welcome to our very first post on the Enchanting Events & Design blog! We want to take the time to really introduce ourselves and let you know about what is to come here on our website and blog. We are kicking things off with a new brand, new website on a new platform, and some amazing events in the books. 

Lets start with the new brand. We are crazy excited about our new logo and updated colors. We started off with simply changes our colors and still using our old logo, but then we decided to go for something totally new. We are starting 2016 off in the best way possible, and that comes along with a total revamp. We hope you love it as much as we do!

While we were deciding on a new brand and logo, we knew a new website would have to happen. The biggest need for a new blog comes with the want for a blog. Sharing information, beautiful weddings, and so much more is important to us. We want to be able to connect with more people and start conversations in a new way. So here we are, starting our brand new blog on our new website! 

We're amping up our presence on social media, building relationships with many great creatives in our area and around the country, and so much more. This new year also brings new weddings, and we can't wait to dive in and kick off our wedding season this spring! We have amazing clients with beautiful weddings in the next few months, and


Let us know what you want to see on this blog and through our social media channels, and we will be back soon with another post!