Personalize Your Wedding: The Stationery

Oftentimes, the first glimpse at your wedding theme is based on the stationery. The colors, theme, etc. are all able to reflect your wedding day style and personality. With only a few chances to convey your personality before the wedding day, I suggest thinking about the below design ideas when you are working on creating your stationery. 



Once your save-the-dates and invitations have been sent, you can use those concepts for the rest of your wedding stationery as well. I plan on going into detail about the day-of stationery in a future post, but for the time being think about your menus, table numbers, escort cards, etc. How will they fit your wedding personality? 

This is an easy one. What are your wedding day colors? How can you use them in your save the date or invitations? 

Are you having a winery wedding? What elements of the vineyard could you use on your stationery? There are multiple details of a venue or theme to contribute to the stationery design

Think about a full calligraphy suite with some special details if you are having a more formal wedding, or even spot hand lettering if you want a more casual day. 

What aspects of the suite could you use to add a little more detail? The envelope color or liner are a great way to incorporate another nod to your wedding day personality. 

If you are looking for a custom wedding stationery, whether that is an invitation suite or the day-of stationery- we highly recommend Lattice Tree Studio or Jes Smith Designs. Both of these ladies are incredible designers and I know they would be able to bring your personality into every detail. 

Do you have any other ideas about your wedding stationery? 


Personalize Your Wedding: Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Attire

Are you have little members of the bridal party at your wedding? If so, this post is for you! Pinterest is overflowing with endless options for those little's when it comes to what they wear, what they carry, and more. But how do those photos translate when it comes to your wedding? We're here to help! Especially since this is another way to really bring out your personality on your wedding day. 


Let's start with who you have leading you down the aisle. Is it your niece or nephew? Your finances relative? Thinking about their relationship to you can spark some ideas as you go through these next few categories. 

The Color
What are your wedding day colors? What color are the bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing? You could go opposite of the bridesmaid dresses for the flower girl, and a colorful shirt for the ring bearer that matches the grooms tie. You could also coordinate instead of fully match the colors. Think taupe with blush or dusty blue with grey. Take a look at your wedding colors and decor as a whole and pick what coordinates the best. 

The Style
Puffy skirts and suspenders are adorable, but think about how it fits with the rest of your wedding. If you are having a barefoot wedding on the beach, you may want something light like a simple lace dress. There are so many beautiful options for flower girl dresses, even some that match the bride! For the little guys, should there wear a suit, a dress shirt with no jacket, maybe a bow tie? Consider what style the groomsmen are wearing. 


What They Carry
The trend of ring bearers carrying signs is very popular right now, and there are many options. "Uncle John, here comes your bride" and similar tones. These are great ideas if you don't want them to carry a pillow or ring box. I also love the "ring security" idea. For the little gals, what style flowers should they carry? Will you go outside of the box and not give them flowers at all? Maybe a wand or ribbons? Think about all the options and go with what matches your wedding day! 

Oh the accessories! My favorite topic for this post. What items would complete the look to match your wedding theme? Should the ring bearer wear a bowtie, or newsboy cap? Should your flower girl wear a flower crown or even a big bow in her hair? There are a few adorable ideas for this, decide what works best and it will all come together! 

Do you have any ideas for how to coordinate the children in the wedding with the rest of the bridal party? 

Meet An Enchanting Couple: Lauren & Ryan

The fact that I am writing this post seems crazy to me- I have been working with Lauren and Ryan for 17 months to plan their dream wedding and it is almost here. We have had so much fun planning, hearing stories of their relationship, and learning about their families. While I love seeing everything come together, I am really going to miss these two and their parents! From our first meeting until our last one where we talked about some final details over margaritas (a trend for almost all of our meetings) I feel like I have known them for so much longer. I can guarantee the tears will be flowing on June 17th, and likely at their rehearsal as well! It is going to be a beautiful day and I am excited to introduce you to them! 



How did you meet?

We met in High School – I was a freshman & Ryan was a sophomore. As Ryan tells the story, he saw me in the hallway one day & said "that's going to be my next girlfriend." Little did he know I would be his last!

How did Ryan propose?

IN DISNEY WORLD! It was all of my dreams come true. We went for a long weekend and a few days into the trip we had a really nice dinner planned at Narcoosee's, a Disney signature restaurant at the Grand Floridian. Our table for dinner overlooked Magic Kingdom & the castle, and we went outside to watch the fireworks over the water. The next thing I knew, I saw someone bringing out a pillow made of roses with a glass slipper with a ring, and a tiara. I knew exactly what it was and thought oh my gosh, who is the lucky girl?! They stopped behind Ryan, and he crowned me before getting down on one knee and proposing under the fireworks!


What was your favorite part of wedding planning? 

Working with Macy! Every time we would get stressed out about little things, we would meet with her & she would completely put us to ease (and have a great time doing it!). Also all of the wine-tastings involved with the process was definitely a plus.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

I'm excited for the whole day after all of the planning that has gone into it and see everything we've worked on for so long come to life, but I'm most excited to finally marry my best friend :)

Where are you honeymooning? 

We are headed to Jamaica for a week, and will then be meeting family and friends in Mexico for a second week!

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

Try not to stress about all of the little things, because in the end it will all come together. Enjoy the planning process together!

Aren't these two adorable?! Follow along on June 17th to see their big day! 

Professional photos by Leah Adkins Photography 

Personalize Your Wedding: The Colors

We are more than halfway through the Personalize Your Wedding series, are you enjoying it so far? Is there anything else you would like us to talk about? We only have three more weeks left! 


We somehow got a little ahead of ourselves and skipped one of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding…the colors! Your personality can greatly shine through depending on which colors you choose, and it’s a bonus when it’s easy to pick them as a couple! Color options are endless, think about the colors in your closet, which one stands out? If you have a sweet and bubbly personality, at this moment you might be drawn towards blush and gold, but don’t just take a glance at Pinterest and let that decide your color scheme. Take a look at your closet, what colors shine through? 

When you start planning your wedding, the colors are important because they will be carried out through the entire planning process. From your invitations to your bridal party attire and the flowers to the linens. The first thing to talk about is what are your favorite colors? Would you like for them to be included in your wedding day? For my own wedding it was fairly easy to decide our wedding colors solely on our favorites. 

I LOVE purple and it’s pretty evident to anyone who knows me. Thankfully, purple is also my husbands favorite color! It was decided, we would definitely have some shade of purple included in our color scheme. But how? What colors would complement it? 

Next, think about the season. Since we were getting married right at the start of summer, I wanted to make sure we had bold colors but also don’t too dark. Too pastel would be more "spring" and deeper shades of purple would be too “fall”. We ended up going with a brighter “royal” purple, more like Baltimore Ravens purple…if you’re familiar 😉 

After we had decided on the shade of purple we wanted to achieve, we thought about a secondary color. Again, thinking about the seasons and colors we liked, we decided mint was a great accent. To choose your accent color scheme, think about the mood you want to set. If you are hoping to go moody and romantic, you may want a deeper color than your main focus, if you want to have a more fun and bright setting, go a little more vibrant. 

Then, think about placement. Where will your colors be best suited? Go through the following areas and look at the big picture of your color palette:

Invitations. Do you want to have a colorful envelope? A beautifully lettered suite? Stick to your color choices and decide what looks best. This is a great time to consult with your invitation designer to see what she recommends. If you are an Enchanting Couple, make sure you bring along your inspiration board!

Linens. What type of space will your tables be in? Should you brighten up the room or tone it down? 

Flowers. This is a great conversation to have with your florist. Discuss what is important to you, what shades of colors you want, and see what they are able to do. Keep in mind that flowers are sometimes unpredictable, but remain clear in your vision. 

Attire. This was my favorite part about bringing our color choices and personality to life. After deciding your colors, choose what color dress, shoes and jewelry your gals will wear, then figure out how the guys will coordinate.

What colors would you like to have for your wedding? Do you have any helpful tips on choosing wedding colors?