Personalize Your Wedding: Signature Drinks

Are you planning on having a signature drink at your wedding? Instead of finding a random drink that simply sounds cool, why not take a few minutes and think of something that truly means something to you and your fiancé? We have a few reasons you should think about adding these drinks to your wedding planning to-do list, and also some suggestions on finding the perfect option! 


Why should you have signature drinks?

- Signature drinks are a great way to incorporate your theme, ideal wedding atmosphere and personality.

- Bar lines will be a bit shorter because these drinks can sometimes be made in bulk. 

- If the thought of an open bar seems a bit too expensive, you could limit the number of liquor beverages by having two signature drink options. 

- Guests can save the process of thinking about what to order when you have already made a choice for them. 

How to choose your signature drink:

Do you have a go-to drink that all of your friends know about? Your signature drink can be just that! 

What colors are you using throughout your wedding? Is there a yummy drink that ends up being that color? 

Do you have a favorite place with a drink named after it? Something like a Manhattan or Long Island Ice Tea? 

Is there a special drink made where you are from? This is a great way to give a nod to your hometown! 

Where are you going on your honeymoon? Somewhere tropical is a great excuse to offer a Mai Tai or Margarita

Options are endless for your signature drink! Do you have any ideas to add? 



Personalize Your Wedding | Choosing The Music

Throughout the wedding planning process, it is important to highlight the personality of you and your fiancé. Including special details throughout the decor, writing your own vows and choosing your colors are all great ways to make sure your personality shines through - but what about the rest of the day? I am excited to announce a new series on the enchanting blog about personalizing your wedding to be an extension of your relationship. 


For my own wedding, I wanted our guests to feel like the whole day was very "us" from the colors to the location. One of the most important things to me was the music. I wanted all of the wedding "songs" to mean something to us or our family. This process took some time but I am so glad we were able to chose such special songs for each part of our day. 

Music is the background to the entire day and the main event at some points. Don't just go with "tradition" and take the time to think about what each portion means to you. "Here Comes The Bride" isn't necessary if you want something else, don't be afraid to stray from what your parents had at their wedding.

Be sure to select songs for the following:

Processional. What song should each of the following groups walk down the aisle to? It's fine to even choose one song for all of them, just make sure it is long enough. 

  • Grandparents
  • Parents
  • Bridal party
  • Flower girl & Ring bearer
  • Bride 

Recessional. You are MARRIED! What song would you like to get the party started? It's time to celebrate! 

Reception entrance. What song should you be introduced to? What about the bridal party?

  • Parents
  • Bridal Party
  • Bride & groom

First dance. Your first dance together as husband & wife!


Formal dances. 

  • Father & daughter
  • Mother & son

Kick off song. We had a specific song we wanted played after the formal dances were over. You can easily leave this up to your DJ, but for us we wanted a remix of I Hope You Dance. It started off slower and then became a "party" mix. It meant a lot for me to have this dance with my mom, and everyone else joined the party, too! 


  • Bouquet toss. We promise there are more options than "Single Ladies"
  • Garter toss

Cake cutting
Anniversary dance

Last song
Other important songs.
For us we had a few favorites that we definitely wanted played during our cocktail hour and reception. 

Make note of these songs for your DJ and then trust that they will focus on the dance floor and play what is best throughout the night. It's always important to have some "do not play" songs as well! 

What were or are your top music choices? 


5 Perfect Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding


We are almost halfway through April, which means summer brides are having their hair trials and choosing their wedding day look. As a previous summer bride myself, I always thought I would have my hair down and flowy. As I started to think about it, I knew I needed an up-so to keep as much hair off of my skin as possibly. We were having an all outdoor wedding in the middle of June so I changed my mind. 

Deciding between braids, curls, higher up-do, lower bun, the options were endless. I had it narrowed down to what would look best and then went from there. Some of my favorite hairstyle options are saved in a Pinterest folder for when I am a bridesmaid at the end of this year, but they always work perfectly for summer weddings. 

I love this twist (no pun intended) on a classic hairstyle. The multiple variations of twists and curls really makes this style stand out! 


Are you going to a chic, refined look? This classic style will match perfectly! 


It' all in the details. Why not bring in the rest of your theme when you are thinking about your hairstyle? If you have gold, add some gold clips, if you have a high focus on flowers, use flowers throughout. 


This look with braids and loose curls is so romantic and perfect for a garden wedding. 


If you wanted to take the braided look a little further, this twist on an up-do is stunning! It's perfect for a glamorous event but also great for a more relaxed and romantic setting. 

Are you having your hair in an up-do or down for your wedding? Which of these styles is your favorite? 

If any of these photos are yours, please let me know! I am happy to tag the owner of each photo. 

Why You Should Celebrate The Everyday During Your Engagement

We can all agree that weddings are to celebrate the love between two awesome people. But why wait until the wedding to celebrate? Sure, there will typically be a bridal shower, maybe a bachelorette party, but don’t let these events keep you from the celebration. 

We truly believe that every moment during an engagement (heck- a relationship in general) should be celebrated. You are only engaged once, remember to cherish those moments. I’m not saying make sure you constantly have events for your wedding, but even when it is just you and your fiancé, make the moments count! Weddings are stressful, even if you have someone else doing most of the planning, there are always things to think about. 



Here are 4 ways to celebrate the everyday during your engagement, with your fiancé:

1- Have a countdown bottle of wine (or a few beers). The most popular gift for us when we got engaged was wine (and beer) and fun way to keep the celebration going is to mark each one with how many months were left until the wedding, and enjoy the celebration on that date. For example, if your wedding is June 17th, set aside a bottle for each month on the 17th. Then when that day arrives, enjoy each others company and relax for a night. A few hours of downtime will be well worth it. You may have to buy a few extra bottles, but again, it will be worth the cost!

2- Write love notes. We mentioned this is our post about what to do when you get engaged, but it's wonderful to take the time to write each other love notes throughout your engagement. It's such a great way to remind your fiancé (and yourself) why you are getting married in the first place. Celebrate your relationship and don't forget about the smaller details.

3- Plan your honeymoon. This may seem like a stress but it should be the opposite. Sit down with each other, talk about what you would like to do, and research some places to go. When I got married this was one of our favorite ways to chill out. We would look at the places we were going to visit and just dream about being there when we were MARRIED!

4- Have your engagement session. We loved planning our engagement session and then snuggling up for a few hours while we had our photos taken. We were able to dress up for a night and really enjoy each others company. Make this night special by really getting ready for it, maybe even having a styled engagement session. If you want more information on a styled engagement shoot, let us know! We LOVE planning these types of evenings to help our couples really have a fun time together and celebrate.

How do you celebrate during fun seasons of life?