5 Perfect Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding


We are almost halfway through April, which means summer brides are having their hair trials and choosing their wedding day look. As a previous summer bride myself, I always thought I would have my hair down and flowy. As I started to think about it, I knew I needed an up-so to keep as much hair off of my skin as possibly. We were having an all outdoor wedding in the middle of June so I changed my mind. 

Deciding between braids, curls, higher up-do, lower bun, the options were endless. I had it narrowed down to what would look best and then went from there. Some of my favorite hairstyle options are saved in a Pinterest folder for when I am a bridesmaid at the end of this year, but they always work perfectly for summer weddings. 

I love this twist (no pun intended) on a classic hairstyle. The multiple variations of twists and curls really makes this style stand out! 


Are you going to a chic, refined look? This classic style will match perfectly! 


It' all in the details. Why not bring in the rest of your theme when you are thinking about your hairstyle? If you have gold, add some gold clips, if you have a high focus on flowers, use flowers throughout. 


This look with braids and loose curls is so romantic and perfect for a garden wedding. 


If you wanted to take the braided look a little further, this twist on an up-do is stunning! It's perfect for a glamorous event but also great for a more relaxed and romantic setting. 

Are you having your hair in an up-do or down for your wedding? Which of these styles is your favorite? 

If any of these photos are yours, please let me know! I am happy to tag the owner of each photo.