The Contentment Challenge

We are getting a little personal over here and talking about The Contentment Challenge! If you aren't familiar with this challenge you can check out this post on my personal blog where I explained what the challenge was, where the idea came from (Thanks , Kat!) and more details on what my goals and guidelines were for myself. 


The challenge is 6 months long and it's a way to really hold yourself accountable for those things you want to feel content in. For me it's budgeting, faith, relationships and business. Each month has it's own theme and the first months theme was gratitude. 

If I were to grade myself based off of this theme, I would give myself a D+. While I succeeded in almost all of the goals, I didn't feel like I was showing gratitude in the right places. I will be honest, January was draining. With everything politically going on around the country and the opinions that took over social media, I wasn't feeling very intentionally grateful for anything because I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. BUT I want to try again with the theme of gratitude, I want February to be a fresh start. 

The theme for February is generosity which I have decided to continue with while also focussing on gratitude. I think the two can go hand in hand, right? 

Now for the guidelines and goals, here are my guidelines and how I did on them:

  • Less spending on traveling. I will say I got this one 95%. I went to North Carolina at the beginning of the month to see my best friend and my flight was cancelled, so I drove. If you know me this might come as a shocker because I hate driving, flying is by far my favorite way to travel. But driving only ended up being a little more costly than my flight (because I used points) so I don't think this was a fail. 
  • No purchasing clothes. 100% accomplished! WOOHOO! This was huge for me. I have actually not stepped foot in Target for an entire month! 
  • Only go to dinner 5 times. We only went to dinner three times this month, but we went to lunch too many times to remember. So fail.  
  • Four coffees from coffee shops or Starbucks. 100% accomplished! I only had one coffee from Starbucks this month and that was with a gift card :) 
  • Discuss all purchases. 90% accomplished. There were a few things we forgot to mention to each other at the time of purchasing, but we did discuss them in general. 
  • Spend time intentionally. 75% accomplished. I really wanted to see my sister and family more often this month and we absolutely did that. 

My Goals: 

  • Read 5 books. (business or faith related) I finished The Best Yes & I am finishing Grace Not Perfection. 3 more books to go in 5 months! 
  • Start a prayer journal. This was a fail for the start of the month because we were away for the first 2 weeks, but I am getting better!
  • Find a volunteer program. I have two specific types of things I would like to do, but I am unable to find the right program. Still searching for this one!
  • Make a budget. We are starting the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class this month and I am really excited to sit down and make a budget then learn better methods to follow through with it. 
  • Intentional Lunches. I am doing very well with this one. I enjoy taking the time to break up the day and focus on something healthier for my mind for 20 minutes. 

In general I think this challenge is going really well. I haven't made online purchases even though I often had things in my cart and when filling out my credit card information I realized it was not a NEED and I closed out of the window and moved on. A slight fail that I am not proud of is buying 2 new filter packs on A Color Story. That's okay though, right? Help a creative sister out ;) 

Are you doing #TheContentmentChallenge? I would love to know how you are doing on your goals! I have found that having an accountability group (again, thanks to Kat!) really helps me stay motivated.