3 Wedding Timeline Details To Remember



The wedding day timeline is one of the most important things to have on your wedding day. When the entire day is planned out ahead of time, everything will run like a dream. While the timeline can (and most of the time should) be down to the minute, there are often a few things that are left off of the list when you are swimming in a world of wedding details. Obviously the big things like ceremony time, reception start, first dances and speeches are big aspects that should be included on all timelines, but don't forget about the smaller things! 

It's easy to think you will remember tasks like eating lunch, but it's actually very easy to forget...especially when champagne is always so easily accessible. As you sit down to create your wedding day timeline, be sure to remember these three details. 

1- The start time. This might seem like an obvious one, but it's easy to get confused on what time events for the day should be starting. With endless times running through your head from the entire wedding weekend, double check that you, and all of your bridesmaids, know by what time they need to be where. Start the day on the right foot...and then have a glass of champagne with your ladies! 

2- Leave time between the ceremony and reception. This is a key time to take a few minutes for a quick refresh for you and your husband. This is the perfect time for family photos, and formal photos of you two, but it's also a great time to sit down for a few minutes before the rest of the events get going. Take a few minutes to chat with each other, have your hair and make-up touched up, or maybe say a quick prayer over your new marriage. 

3- Eat something. I really wasn't joking, this happens very often. It's so much fun spending time with your bridesmaids and getting your beauty on, but lunch can not be forgotten. Make sure you have a plan for who will be bringing something to eat and when you will be eating. This will likely be your only chance at getting something to eat until the reception, and oftentimes it's hard to eat your entire meal by that point. 

These three details are just simple reminders that we use when creating wedding day timelines for our clients, and we hope they are helpful to you if you are creating your own! 

Photo by Chesapeake Charm Photography