Before Your Wedding: Take Time For The Two of You

The lists of what to do before your wedding are everywhere. If you did a search on Pinterest, you would have endless options to chose from, but this list isn't like the typical ones. I want this to be a reminder to focus on your relationship with your fiancé above the wedding plans and details. Be present in your engagement all the way until the day-of the wedding. 

The season of getting engaged is an amazing time, brides are getting the bridal glow as the big day gets closer, and the details are being planned. But this is when you should remember who your partner is through the process. Throughout the engagement season, there will be endless things to focus on, and events that will pull you away from quality time with your fiancé. Let this be a reminder of how and why you should remember what brought you to planning your wedding in the first place. 

what to do before your wedding

These are the days when it is incredibly important to focus on your relationship and your soon-to-be marriage. The two of you are there to show each other love through even difficult times, and focussing on that before your wedding is key. 

These 5 things will help you stay 

  1. Have a picnic and avoid “wedding talk” the entire time. Let your brains settle down and just focus on being with each other for a little while. Pack some fun foods, and maybe a bottle of wine, and play games while you lounge. 

  2. Do a fun and different activity. Look for something that is unique to your area, do a tour where you make your own wine or take a cooking lesson. Try to do something out of the ordinary where you can both learn something.
  3. Have a beach day. This might not be feasible depending on the length of your engagement, or your location, but who doesn’t love a day at the beach? This is the perfect time to relax and read a book. Let the sound of the waves take your mind off of everything that is going on. 
  4. Learn about each other. You can find a list of questions, read a pre- marital book, or take a personality test. There will always be new things to learn about one another, the longer you know each other and the more you know, the easier communication will get. 
  5. Focus on doing one thing a day specially for your partner. This could be something as simple as buying his favorite drink while you are grocery shopping, or doing something together that the other one enjoys (even when you may not) Small gestures are important, especially among the engagement season. 


What do you like to do with your partner to remind each other that you care?