9 Bridal Details To Think About

With all of the thought that goes into saying yes to the dress, there are a few other bridal details that help to pull everything together. From the very start of the getting ready process to the end of the reception, make sure you think about purchasing something special in each of these categories. 


Engagement ring and wedding band are the obvious additions to your wedding day look. It's a great idea to have your ring cleaned right before your wedding day. It's a highlight of the day! The photographer and videographer will be getting close ups, people will asked to see it as your chat with them, and it's always nice to see some extra sparkle. Think about investing or renting a beautiful ring box to go along with it. The Mrs Box offers ring boxes to match any color, and rental places will have options for small trinket boxes. 

Veil and Hair Accessories. Let’s start from the top. A veil isn’t a “must-have” anymore, but if you want one make sure you think about it ahead of time- ideally when you are purchasing your dress so are able to ensure the colors match. A slightly more ivory veil could make a white wedding dress look yellow, or vice-versa. If you aren’t going along the route of a veil, what hair accessories would you like to add? Maybe a sparkly clip or beaded design to match the details of your dress? The options are endless. 

Jewelry. Will you be wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelet? While these are a great way to include your “somethings” just try and think about a plan ahead of time. What styles coordinate with your dress? Will you be adding a pop of color, or keeping things simply with gold or silver? 


Purse or Clutch. There are a few things a bride may want to keep nearby throughout her wedding day- lipstick to touchup, a few extra bobby pins (though we make sure to have plenty on hand if any hair goes astray- and believe me we have fixed plenty hairdos after the dancing has begun!) It’s best to make sure these items match your wedding day attire, and they can also be a great photo prop!

Garter. Will you be taking part in a bouquet and garter toss? Maybe you just want something else that can add to your wedding day look? Garters are a beautiful way to incorporate something special, and add a feminine touch. We love the options from The Garter Girl and she even makes them custom! 


Shoes. You knew this one was coming. What shoes will lead you down the aisle on your wedding day? How will they coordinate with the colors and look of your wedding all together? We suggest having a pair of stunning heels to wear for photos and ceremony, and then changing into something more comfortable like wedges to keep you dancing pain free. Keep in mind that your dress will be altered to fit with the shoes you will wear for the ceremony, so your second pair of shoes should be a similar height. 

Undergarments. This is less about what it looks like but how you feel in it. You will want to decide what style undergarments you will need- strapless bra, cute undies, etc. Pick something out that makes you feel beautiful and isn’t visible under your dress, but still does the job. This also includes a petticoat or bustier if needed. 

Now that you have these bridal details thought about ahead of time, keep them all together and ready for when the big day arrives. Do you suggest anything else for the bridal look? 

all photos by Candace Nicole Photography

Anne and Chris | Baltimore, Maryland Wedding

I met Anne at the very beginning of 2016 when we met for coffee and ended up closing down Panera. We got along so well that it was one of those "did we just become best friends" type moments. Finding friends in this creative industry isn't always easy, but with Anne it was. We talked about business, life, what we wanted to do in the future and how excited she was to be getting married to her best friend. 

When Anne asked us to plan her wedding we jumped for joy! We had just worked a styled shoot together and had such a fun time spending hours designing for that, and we couldn't wait to be part of her actual wedding day. Planning a wedding for someone in the wedding industry may sound intimidating, but we could not have enjoyed this experience more! Anne and Chris have a timeless type of love. They love each other without fail, wanted a classy wedding day and an intimate setting with their closest friends. 

Anne's son, Brody, also played a big role in the festivities (and he might be my favorite part- seriously how adorable is he?) by walking his mama down the aisle and sharing a mother-son dance with her. Talk about sweet! I love that these two will have another one of these dances at HIS wedding one day. 

Amy and Jordan captured pure magic on December 3rd, 2016 when Anne and Chris became husband and wife in downtown Baltimore. We still can't get over how beautiful Anne looked in her dress! 


I couldn't help but share this next one- they really were meant to be ;) 


From the laughter surrounding the craps table and the James Bond inspired cocktails to the love that was evident all around the room and the smile on Anne & Chris's face as they danced to the last dance with all of their friends and family- it was a beautiful night to remember. 


Congratulations, Anne, Chris and Brody! We love you guys! 

We absolutely loved working with an amazing team of creatives to bring this day to life. 

Photography: Amy & Jordan

Hair & Makeup: All Aglow Beauty

Flowers: My Flower Box Events

Dress: Martina Liana from K & B Bridals | Venue: Admiral Fell Inn | | Bridal Jewelry: Faye Daniel Designs | Wedding Bands: Smyth Jewelers  | Bridesmaids Jewelry Boxes: Eikoh Design Studio | Rentals: Baltimore's Best Events | Cake: Sugarbakers | DJ: Jenny Z Mobile DJ | 



Why You Should Have A Headshot Session (And A Peek At Ours!)

A few months ago we spent an evening with Anne from Anne Casey Photography to get some updated headshot's. This is something easy to forget, push to the bottom of the to-do list, or even ignore all together. Since we had these photos taken, I have truly realized how important it is to have updated photos taken of yourself in order to represent your business. 


For us it had been over 3 years since we had photos taken for our website. In fact, we had the photos taken when Enchanting Events and Design was simply an idea. We figured if we were going to make this happen the first thing we needed was photos to represent the 'who' behind the business. So why did that thought get ignored after we changed our brand, vision and ideas of our company? Thankfully Anne came to the rescue, and we were even able to get some photos with Emily, my sister and amazing wedding day assistant. 

So why exactly are these photos important? 
1- YOU are the face of your business, don't be afraid to show it off! This also means the pictures are a direct representation of your brand. 
2- They show personality. At first, it might be difficult to be yourself info front of the camera, but once you get used to it- let your personality shine through. Don't resort to the fake laugh when you could be enjoying yourself for real. 
3- Networking is easier. If you attend a networking event and nobody knows what you look like, it's a little more difficult to meet people you are excited to see. Once they have the connection of your business and yourself, there is instantly something to talk about because they can recall your brand. 


I encourage you to find a local photographer, have your hair done, and make a good first impression from the instant someone lands on your website! 

What Your Bridesmaids Need To Know

One of the most exciting times during planning my own wedding was asking my bridesmaids to be apart of our wedding. Each gal had a special place in my life and I couldn't wait for my turn to "pop the question". There are endless ways you can ask your best friends to stand beside you on your wedding day (ideas coming soon) but what information should you actually share with them? Hopefully this post will guide you with what your bridesmaids will need to know as the wedding day gets closer. 


You don't always need to know the answer to each of these questions right from the start, in fact it might be nice to even ask what your gals think! It's just a good idea to think about these five things in mind during your planning process, and make sure they are all informed well before the date arrives. 

  1. Dress. The one may seem obvious, but you can never be too specific. With the tent of mis-matched dresses it can be easy to tell each gal to "pick your own mint dress" and then on the wedding day you have someone in Tiffany blue and someone else in almost grey mint. Mismatch is great, but still keep in mind what your overall vision is and let your bridesmaids know what style, color, material and length you have in mind. 
  2. Jewelry. Most brides give their bridal party some piece of jewelry to wear on the wedding day, but what about everything else? If you are gifting them the cutest Kendra Scott necklace, should they have a bracelet or earrings to match? It's a good idea to inform the girls of what style, metal, and pieces you would like them all to have. 
  3. Shoes. This is a big one and will depend on your wedding theme and dress style. Think about what color the shoes should be, should they match, should the style be the same, will there be a heel or no heel? These are all great things to think about when having each bridesmaid pick out their footwear. 
  4. Getting ready. This is another gift that is often given to the bridesmaids, but it is nice to let them know ahead of time if they do or do not need to buy something for themselves. Do they need an entire outfit, should they bring shorts? For example, if you are giving them all pretty lace robes, you might let them know to all bring black leggings.
  5. The Bachelorette & Shower. This is a time when you can step away and let your bridal party and family handle things, you have enough on your plate! But, it's always nice to let your girls know if you have anything in mind, while still trusting them to make it happen.  Do you have any theme ideas for your bachelorette party? Maybe a hashtag you would like to use? Informing them of what you envision is just fine, just don't try and get involved in the planning- you need a break, too! 

Hopefully these five bridal party tips help you stay organized when you comes to your favorite girls walking down the aisle with you. Do you have any additional suggestions?